Features of Marunouchi Capital

    We are a buyout fund focused on business succession and carve-outs.

  • 1.Sourcing

    Leveraging the customer bases of MUFG Bank and Mitsubishi Corporation to identify investments

    In addition to identifying investment opportunities through external financial advisors and our experienced team of professionals well connected in various fields, the vast customer/branch base of MUFG Bank and industry network of Mitsubishi Corporation provide a unique edge to the sourcing capabilities of Marunouchi Capital.

  • 2.Deal Formation

    Aligning interests among stakeholders as our core competence

    Pressured by risk-averse stakeholders, some Japanese companies have come to overemphasize the merits of diversification and stability of business, resulting in insufficient allocation of resources to areas of higher future growth. By collaborating with MUFG Bank and Mitsubishi Corporation, Marunouchi Capital will demonstrate effective leadership in coordinating dialogues and alignment of interests among various parties in the process of deal making.

  • 3.Value Creation

    Utilizing Mitsubishi Corporation’s global business network

    Our value creation is driven by the depth of expertise accumulated through Fund I as well as that of our investment professionals, and the breadth of Mitsubishi Corporation’s global industry network which allows us to pursue unique value enhancements based on new business collaborations between Mitsubishi Corporation and portfolio companies.

  • 4.Investment targets

    Business succession and carve-out deals as core focus

    We are open to a wide range of opportunities, but our key areas of focus are investments targeting business succession and carve-out deals of mid and large-cap Japanese enterprises.