TOMY Company, Ltd.

Company Name TOMY Company, Ltd.
Business Description Planning, manufacturing and sale of toys, card games, etc.
Investment Period June 2009
Investment Type Disposal of treasury stock (subscription to third-party allotment)
Business Category Toy manufacturer
Investment Ratio 15%
Fund Initiatives Acquisition of common shares through third-party allotment of treasury stock. Improved earning capability through consolidated management, cost reduction and increased operational efficiency, and provided implementation support for accelerated global expansion.
URL http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/english/index.html
Exit Period May 2015


Company Name JOYFUL HONDA Co., Ltd.
Business Description Operation of large-scale DIY stores “JOYFUL HONDA” in the Kanto Area of Japan
Investment Period October 2009
Investment Type Subscription to third-party allotment of common shares
Business Category DIY store
Investment Ratio 31.4%
Fund Initiatives Subscription to capital increase through third-party allotment. Supported realization of reinforcement of corporate governance and enhancement of corporate value with a view to future public offering.
URL http://www.joyfulhonda.com/company/overview/
Exit Period March 2016

Yamamoto Seisakusho, Inc.

Company Name Yamamoto Seisakusho, Inc.
Business Description Manufacturing of automotive parts through fineblanking technology
Investment Period February 2011
Investment Type Business succession
Business Category Automotive parts manufacturer
Investment Ratio Undisclosed
Fund Initiatives Transfer of owner’s equity. Strengthened overseas expansion and reinforced corporate governance.
URL http://www.fb-yamamoto.co.jp/english
Exit Period February 2015

Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd.

Company Name Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd.
Business Description Operation of high-end grocery store under “Seijo Ishii” brand
Investment Period May 2011
Investment Type Carve-out
Business Category Supermarkets
Investment Ratio 100%
Fund Initiatives Transfer of entire business. Made use of Marunouchi Capital’s business network and expertise to further enhance corporate value while maintaining current growth path.
URL http://www.seijoishii.co.jp/en/company/corporate/
Exit Period October 2014